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Automating your actions on Instagram is easier than you think!

See how it works:


Step 1: Download and install the Auttogram

Download Auttogram, which is available for both Windows and Mac, and install it on your computer.


Step 2: Create your account

Once you have installed, create an account with email and password. It is with this account that you will manage all your profiles in Instagram.


Step 3: Add your profiles

The next step is to add the Instagram profiles to the created account. You can add as many profiles as you want and manage them all in the same place. Remember that if you have any questions, our support is ready to help you.


Step 4: Configure and press play!

Ready! Now just choose the actions you want to automate, configure according to your audience and activate automation. From then on, while your computer is on, Auttogram will automatically work for you.


Automation of Nutrition

Automation of Nutrition automatically performs actions like viewing stories, enjoying comments and publications from people who follow you. This helps keep your followers always "close" and engaged.

Automation of Like

With the Automation of Like you interact with publications that are really relevant to your profile. You can automatically enjoy targeted posts, by hashtag, by location, and you can also enjoy all posts by people following a certain user.


Automation of Follow

Automation of Follow is probably the most effective if you want to gain new followers. It enables you to automatically track people according to your preferences. This causes many to notice you and want to follow you back.

Automation of Welcome

The Automation of Welcome helps you to (obviously) welcome your new followers. When activated, it sends direct messages that you set up to users who start following you. So you introduce yourself, expand your network of contacts and is closer to those who are interested in your profile.


Automation of Comments

Comments show your power of interaction and can open up more space to amplify the presence of your profile in Instagram. With the activation of this automation, you comment on publications automatically according to your settings.

Automation of Unfollow

The Automation of Unfollow keeps clean the list of profiles you are following. With it you can, for example, stop following profiles that do not follow you back or just deselect those that were followed by Follow Automation.


What users say

about the Auttogram

Auttogram has become an indispensable tool for the growth of my Instagram, allowing me to expand my followers and spread my work.

Léo Rodrigues

Auttogram is the best automation platform I've ever tested! With incredible support and well-adjusted functions, I get to work on social networks much more consistently and successfully! Highly recommend it for sure!

Digital Influencer

The perfect solution for our customers, precise support and impeccable service. Undoubtedly the best platform in the segment.

Tiago Henrique
Toad Agency

Without doubt one of the best platforms I've ever used! They think about the usability of the wearer and the differential are tuned in to the constant trends and changes that Instagram has been suffering! I recommend!

Leandro Artur
Social Media Strategist

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  • Automation of Comments
  • Automation of Unfollow
  • Automation of Nutrition
  • DM Auto Send
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