Welcome Automation

Welcome Automation enables automatic pre-configured message delivery to your new followers. You can send a receipt message, discount coupon, invitation, or use within your growth strategy on Instagram.

Automação de Stories

A Automação de Stories realiza a visualização de stories automaticamente, baseado em hashtag ou localização. Gerando uma interação sutil mas que chama a atenção do usuário a verificar o perfil

Follow Automation

Start following profiles that are within your target audience automatically, give importance to your audience and make them a reference, attract more followers with this automation.

Unfollow Automation

Prevent you from reaching the maximum of profiles followed by Instagram, with the Unfollow automation, you can stop following users who were followed by Auttogram or who didn't follow you back.

Like Automation

How about enjoying that publicication that marked your store? Or your competitor's shop? With the automation to enjoy you can interact with the public by various criteria.

Comment Automation

Comment Automation lets you add comments to posts that have been made by other users, it's a more intimate way of relating to your audience.

Nutrition Automation

More than acquiring new users, keeping your follower base active and returning to your profile is very important. Nutrition Automation interacts with users who already follow it.